FMM Marine Cutter, Tappit Set.

Now you can create Marine or Sea Creatures from Fondant or Gumpaste using this Cutters or Tappit from FMM

Consists of Crab, Anchor, Seahouse, Starfish, Shell, Octipus, Helmwheel, Chamshell, Pengum, Dolphin and Shark. Approx 1 1/2ins 

We would recommend using a 50/50 combination for best results.  

  • Roll out your Fondant or Gumpaste on work surface, (if using Fondant let it sit for 15-20 minutes)
  • Push in your cutter, you may use a small rolling pin to ensure an even cut.
  • Lift out the cuttter and tap out the shape
  • 11 Different marine or sea theme designs 
  • Use dusting powder or colour sprays to brighten your creation.