Cake Sparklers 

Pack of 8, 6.5" Sparklers

Allow your next birthday party to burn brighter with the old favourite Cake & hand sparklers old but still hugely popular in making any party sparkle

The sparkler can be used on Birthday or any Celebration cakes, with or without candles you will have a party to remember.

Cake Sparkles can emit a shower of tiny sparks when lit, we would recommend using them on the sides of cakes allow the sparkles to fall away from the cake it self.


WARNING: This product should not be used by children under the age of 8, all sparklers should be used only under the close supervision of an adult, and you should stand back at least 2 feet after lighting. (Light each stick at a time)

Using a gloved hand to remove the sparklers after they have are burnt out, and place burnt out sparklers in water as they may still be hot.