Clikstix Block Upper Case Alphabet Cutters

Windsor Clikstix

Clikstix are a new set of cutters that enable users to create their own script for their cakes. If you have used FMM tappit sets before you will find Windsor clikstix works in a similar way. By using Clikstixs however users are able to produce professional engraved Numbers and Letters which are easy to eject from cutter.


  • Roll out your Gumpaste as thin as possible, the thinner your gumpaste the better the results.
  • Cut Gumpaste into strips
  • Place cutter on Gumpaste and press firmly on the number of letter/s you require
  • Keep your fingers on the number of letters you require and move cutter up and down to ensure its cut
  • Press the Letter or number while holding the edge of the cutter to engrave 
  • Remove the cutter and simply press the cut shapes out of cutter