Fondant & Gumpaste

 Fondant, Gumpaste, Tylose and CMC powder.

Fondant is a paste used to cover cakes to add another layer of flavour and it also acts as a casing of protection to the cakes. Fondant gives the user a much more smooth finish look to their cakes which then allows for further decorations. There are many different forms of Fondant, from Vanilla fondant to marshmallow fondant. Fondant can also be flavoured using Lorann oil flavours for an extra layer of flavour.

Fondant is also called Sugarpaste in Europe. While it’s the same product doing the same thing, however, sugar paste is normally found to be better in flavour, taste and its workable nature. Fondant can also be used to made designs and objects but it will only dry to a ‘crispy’ like touch.

Gum Paste: Very much like fondant to look at however Gumpaste is very different to the end user. Gumpaste dries harder than fondant and retains its shape after moulding. Gumpaste is a pliable sugar dough made using egg whites, confectioners' sugar, and shortening. Like Fondant and Sugarpaste It can be rolled quite thin and is ideal for creating hand-modelled flowers or other intricate decorations due to its drying nature.

Did you know; By adding a little Tylose or CMC powder to Fondant or Sugarpaste you also get Gumpaste?